The Past Monarchs of O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto

The following is a list of past Monarchs of O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto. These men served to lead the Grotto and its Prophets in times of fellowship and good cheer. For this we honor them on our rolls.

This list is incomplete at the time and we are working to fill in the blanks. If you can fill in a year that we are missing please contact either Josh Anderson or the Grotto with the information you have.

1911 William T. S. OHara1912 William W. Bright
1913 Alfred B. Stanbery1914 Herald M. Harter
1915 Guy R. Reiter1916 John W. Luscombe, Jr.
1917 Clarence S. Ordway1918 Charles F. Broer
1919 Aaron H. Webster1920 Otto L. Hankison
1921 John N. Pfeiffer1922 John W. Chamberlain
1923 Harry W. Lloyd1924 George R. Hoffman
1925 William H. Anderson1926 Arthur F. Briese
1927 Ora A. Thomas1928 Aaron Friedman
1929 Royal B. Binzer1930 George I. Brown
1931 John L. Bueschen1932 Charles E. Chew
1933 Lowell S. Bleckner1934 Homer Brown
1935 Otto H. Hohly1936 Bert Decker
1937 LaVerne H. Evans1938 Burton Brisbin
1939 Floyd P. Turner1940 Lester G. Shoemaker
1941 Fred Hansen1942 Arnold Frank
1943 John A. Birmingham P.P.1944 Vincent Terando
1945 Albert Vogel1946 Dean Hathaway
1947 Frank Hubbarth1948 Fred Riehm
1949 Walter McCammon1950 Samuel Enck
1951 Riley Micham1952 Homer Cowell
1953 William H. Johnson1954 Edwin Rutchow
1955 Franklyn Carl1956 Robert Eiseman
1957 Walter Johnson1958 W. Kent Fenton
1959 Vernon King1960 Virgil Racheter
1961 Don F. Hansen P.P.1962 Ray Anderson
1963 Earl French1964 Roy Gilligan
1965 Paul Naumann1966 George Smith
1967 Bob Lauch1968 Dale Dick
1969 Robert Dustman1970 Al Merit
1971 Leroy Rumback1972 George Moore
1973 Vince Vullo1974 John Seggie
1975 Harold Vaillany1976 Robert Zimmerman
1977 Don Northrop1978 Ron Pross
1979 Robert Thompson1980 Fred Hille
1981 Robert Emptage1982 Mel Lash
1983 John Martinez1984 William Lowry
1985 Ralph Hale1986 Richard Neer
1987 Bob Seifert1988 Howard Zaph
1989 Rollie Mann1990 Keith Norwalk
1991 Al Herman
& Wilber Wagner
1992 Phil Ditch
1993 Earl Cole1994 Karl Seiffer
1995 Don Sherrick1996 James Mock
1997 William Repass1998 Dave Lee
1999 Gary Norrse2000 Ed Koepfler
2001 James Paulson2002 Richard Shepherd
2003 Ed Koepfler2004 James French
2005 Josh Anderson2006 Donald Rettig
2007 James Mock2008
2009 Robert Siefert2010 Gary Robinson D.D.S.
2011 Doug Towslee2012 Josh Anderson
2013 Mark Anderson2014 Ronald Hindman II
2015 Gary Robinson D.D.S.2016 James Moomey
2017 Mark Anderson2018 Mark Anderson