The MMC Contest

Maintaining Membership Challenge

Starting at the September 2012 meeting the Maintaining Membership Challenge was unveiled by Monarch Josh Anderson. The MMC contest, as its being called, is a way to increase attendance at our stated meetings while fostering contact amongst the membership. The rules are simple, you just have to show up to a meeting and sign up to try and get someone to attend who isn't there currently.

Here is how it works. Each month you attend a meeting you have the opportunity to write your name on the board next to the names of people not at the meeting (you can select multiple names if you like). By selecting a name you are saying that you are going to call or get in touch with that Prophet and invite them back to the Grotto's next meeting. Your goal is to get them to turn out for the meeting. For every person you sign up to speak with that attends the following meeting you get a point. If you miss the meeting you do not get credit for the people that showed up you signed for (hence you have to attend to get the points also). At the end of the year (this contest is running until the June 2013 meeting) the points will be tallied and the winner announced. The winner will receive an Enchanted Lantern and the Monarch will be paying the following years dues for him.

  • Put your name next to one or more prophet's name(s) not in attendance on the chart at the meeting
  • Call the Prophet or contact them to convince them to come to the next Grotto meeting
  • Attend the next Grotto meeting
  • Get a point for every name you agreed to contact who shows up at the next meeting
  • Sign up for more name(s)
  • Keep earning points towards winning the prize
  • Currently calling lists and point standings will be listed below

MMC Current Call List and Points: 2/7/2013

Here is the current list of point standings. The sign up sheet was not passed around at the February meeting, so no one was able to claim a name to call.

ProphetWill Be Calling 1Will Be Calling 2Will Be Calling 3Current Point Total
Josh Anderson3
Dorsey kinsey1
Dave Szostec0
Doug Towslee2