O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto "Fudds" Shooting Club

The O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto "Fudds" Shooting Club is a social group that is comprised of members of the Grotto, their Ladies, and other family and friends. The "Fudd Club" as they are known, advocates safe and responsible firearms use and education by providing a friendly atmosphere for seasoned shooters and those who have little or no experience.

About The Fudd Club

The O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto Shooting Club was formed in March of 2013 by several Grotto members who had a mutual interest in target and range shooting. The members of the shooting club jokingly started calling each other Fudds, as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Warner Brothers cartoon character Elmer Fudd. Once this joke started the group took the informal nickname of "The Fudd Club."

The Fudd Club members knew that a good Prophet is often backed by a wonderful Lady and that there are plenty of Lady shooters out there. Then in June of 2013 the Fudd Club celebrated its first two Lady Fudds.

Lady Fudds

Lady Fudds

There are many active shooters out there who are ladies and The Fudd Clubb didn't want to leave them out of the fun. So in June of 2013 the Fudd Club was proud to have the first two ladies become a part of our group. Now we encourage any Fudd Club member to bring their lady out, or Ladies to bring your Prophet out to the club, and become a Fudd with us.

Of course we have to honor our lady Fudds with their own pink Fudd logo. Show your pride at being a part of the Fudd Club with your own pink logo.

Fudd Club Meetings and Range Times

The Fudd Club typically meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 4:00pm. We usually do about 2 hours of shooting and then head over to meet up with the rest of the Grotto for either or pre-stated meeting dinner or our monthly social.

The Fudd Club meets at Shooters of Maumee (501 W. Sophia St., Maumee, Ohio 43537). The base range fee is $20 for a range ($10 for each extra person on a range) no time limit on the range. They have ear and eye protection for rent, as well as a variety of pistols and rifles.

Fudd Marksmenship

NRA/Winchester Qualification Logo

The Fudd Club advocates safe and accurate shooting for its members. To this end, the Fudd Club endorses the NRA/Winchester Marksmenship program. This is a self-paced program that is an informal, year-round recreational shooting activity that provides incentive awards for developing and improving marksmanship skills.

The NRA/Winchester Marksmenship program offers a number of qualification courses to cater to a wider range of shooters. With 16 different disciplines that a shooter can work on through this program there is a good chance you will find a series that appeals to your shooting preferences. For more information on this program visit the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program website to read about the program. If you are interested in the different qualification courses that are a part of this you can download the official program guide as a PDF at NRA/Winchester Marksmenship Qualification Book.

Distinguished Fudd Award

Members of the Fudd Club that work towards one of the Qualification Programs at a Fudd get together are eligible to get their name and shooting information posted here. For those who are good enough to complete the Distinguished Expert level at a Fudd Club gathering are eligible to use the Distinguished Fudd logo. So keep shooting all of you Fudds.