Archives of O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto

Below you will find a selection of items from the O-Ton-Ta-La Grotto Archives. The goal here is to provide a look at some of the communications, programs, and events that make up the history of our Grotto and all Grottoes.

Prophetable Ideas - April 1966

Prophetable Ideas, April 1966

This is a pdf of the "Prophetable Ideas" newsletter that was sent out by the Supreme Council in April of 1966. The newsletter has a message from the Grand Monarch at the time, Harry Mueller; along with some other interesting comments and the schedule for the Supreme Council session that year.

The complete file may be downloaded here: Prophetable Ideas - April 1966.

O-Ton-Ta-La Crusader, December 1965

O-Ton-Ta-La Crusader, Dec. 1965

Here is a PDF of the old newsletter that O-Ton-Ta-La used to send out to its members, titled the "O-Ton-Ta-La Crusader." Its fun to see pictures and see the activity level of the organization nearly 50 years in the past.

The complete file may be downloaded here: O-Ton-Ta-La Crusader, December 1965.